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Vaccines Research 2018 - Annual Congress and Expo on Vaccines & Immunology

Date2018-09-19 - 2018-09-20


VenueHyatt Place Amsterdam Airport Rijnlanderweg 800 Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Netherlands, The

KeywordsVaccines; Immunology; Autoimmune Diseases


Topics/Call fo Papers

1. Vaccines
I. Vaccine Development
II. Vaccines Recommendations
III. Vaccine Storage and Handlings
IV. Missing Vaccinations Harms
V. Vaccine Ingredients
VI. Next Generation Vaccines
VII. Vaccines Misperception and Side Effects
2. Immunology
I. Immunity Types
II. Immunodeficiency
III. Hypersensitivity
IV. Immunotherapy
V. Veterinary Immunology
VI. Immunodiagnostic Techniques
VII. Immunity to Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses
VIII. Immunostimulants and Immune Globulins
3. Vaccine Types
I. Live, Attenuated Vaccines
II. Inactivated Vaccines
III. Subunit Vaccines
IV. Toxoid Vaccines
V. Conjugate Vaccines
4. Paediatric Immunology
I. Paediatric Infectious Diseases
II. Unusual Infections
III. Epidemic Infections
IV. Paediatric Allergy
5. Paediatric Vaccines
I. Whooping Cough Vaccines
II. Pneumococcal Vaccine
III. Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine
IV. Diphtheria Vaccines
V. Tetanus Vaccines
VI. Polio Vaccine
VII. DPT Vaccines
VIII. Typhoid
IX. Varicella
X. Autism
XI. Haemophilus Influenza Type B (Hboc) Vaccines
6. Onco Immunology
I. Cancer Immunotherapy
II. Recent Research in Cancer Immunology
III. Cancer Immunodiagnostics
IV. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
V. Clinical Cancer Research
VI. Tumour Immunity
7. Transplant Immunology
I. Transplant Rejection
II. Immunosuppressive Drugs
III. Hyperacute Rejection
IV. Cellular Rejection
V. Transplant Tolerance
VI. Chronic Rejection
VII. Clinical Transplantation Tissue Typing
VIII. Post-Transplant Monitoring
8. Infectious and Non infectious diseases Vaccines
I. Tuberculosis Vaccines
II. OPV Vaccines
III. Rubella Vaccines
IV. Pneumonia Vaccines
V. Rotavirus Vaccines
VI. Smallpox Vaccines
VII. Measles Vaccines
VIII. Chickenpox Vaccines
IX. Cholera Vaccines
X. Ebola Virus Vaccines
XI. Hepatitis Vaccines
9. Plant Vaccines
I. Edible Vaccines
II. Subunit Vaccines
III. Transgenic Plant Vaccines
IV. Polio Vaccines
V. Plant Based Vaccine Production and Challenges
10. Animal Vaccinations
I. Rabies Vaccines
II. Livestock Vaccines
III. Aquaculture Vaccines
IV. Poultry Vaccines
V. Leptospirosis Vaccines
VI. Pet Vaccines
11. HIV vaccines
I. HIV Vaccine Development
II. Therapeutic HIV Vaccine
III. HIV Vaccines Side Effects
IV. Clinical Trials
V. Viral Toxin Vaccines
VI. Live-Attenuated Vaccines
VII. Peptide Vaccines
VIII. T-Cell Based Vaccines
IX. B-Cell Based Vaccines
X. Vaccine Development Challenges
XI. Current Scenario and Future Aspects
12. Allergy Vaccines
I. Asthma Vaccination
II. Tdap(Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis)
III. Allergic Rhinitis
IV. Allergy Shots
V. Chronic Sinus Infections
VI. Cortisone Shots
13. Flu Vaccines
I. Flu Vaccine Types
II. Flu Shots Pros and Cons
III. Flu Vaccines Recent Research
IV. Paediatric Flu Vaccines
V. Flu Vaccines Mechanisms
14. Recombinant Vaccines
I. Recombinant Vaccines Production
II. Recombinant Vaccines Emerging Role
III. HBV Vaccine
IV. Recombinant Vaccines Types
V. Recombinant Vaccines Latest Research
15. Zika Virus Vaccines
I. Zika Virus Vaccine Development
II. Zika Virus Vaccines Recent Research
III. Zika Virus Vaccines Clinical Trials
IV. Zika Virus Vaccine in Pregnant Women
V. Purified Inactivated Vaccine
VI. DNA Vaccine
VII. Live Attenuated Vaccine
VIII. DNA and mRNA Vaccine
16. HPV Vaccines
I. HPV Vaccines Recent Research and Development
II. HPV Vaccines Recommendations
III. HPV Vaccines Safety and Side Effects
IV. HPV Vaccine Controversies
V. HPV Vaccine for Men and Women
VI. HPV Vaccination Barriers
VII. Therapeutic Vaccines
VIII. Immune Compromised Hosts Vaccines
17. Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
I. Tumour Cell Vaccines
II. DC Vaccines
III. Protein/Peptide-Based Cancer Vaccines
IV. Genetic Vaccines
V. Combination Therapies
VI. Promising Therapeutic Vaccines
18. Autoimmune Diseases
I. Rheumatoid Arthritis
II. Psoriatic Arthritis
III. Type 1 Diabetes
IV. Multiple Sclerosis
V. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
VI. Addison’s Disease
VII. Graves Diseases
VIII. Myasthenia Gravis
IX. Pernicious Anaemia
19. Immune System Disorders
I. T-Cell Deficiency
II. Arthus Reaction
III. Opportunistic Infection
IV. Graft Versus Host Diseases
V. Mastocytosis
VI. Lymphocytopenia
20. Antibodies
I. Antibody Drug Development
II. Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
III. Antibody Drug Conjugates
IV. Antibody Purification
V. Cancer Therapeutic Antibodies
21. Vaccine Induced Immunity
I. Natural vaccine induced immunity
II. HIV-1 vaccine induced immunity
III. Hepatitis B virus infection
IV. Vaccines inducing T-cells and B-cells
22. Vaccines and Immunology Advancements
I. Dendritic Cell Based
II. Vaccine Manufacturing
III. Recombinant Vector Based
IV. Pain Free Vaccine Delivery
V. Purifying Vaccines
VI. Vaccine adjuvants
VII. Nanoparticle vaccine
23. Immunology Recent Trends
I. Major Histocompatibility Complex Molecules
II. Immune Cytokines and Receptors
III. Apoptosis and Inflammation
IV. Emerging Immunotherapeutic Techniques
24. Vaccination Challenges
I. Risks of no Vaccination
II. Vaccination Controversies
III. Delivery of Vaccines
IV. Influenza Vaccine Challenges
V. Measles Vaccination Challenges
25. Vaccines Efficacy and Safety
I. Vaccine Safety Monitoring
II. Current and Future Challenges
III. Vaccines Evaluations
IV. Clinical Trials and Evaluation
V. Importance of Vaccines
VI. Vaccine Safety Improvements
VII. Future of Vaccine Safety
• General
• Diagnosis
• Treatment
• Research
• Ethics

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