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UPENE 2021 - 2021 International Conference on Unconventional Petroleum Exploration and New Energy

Date2021-11-12 - 2021-11-14


VenueXi'an City, China, China China

KeywordsOil and Gas Reservoir Engineer; Oil and Gas; New Energy


Topics/Call fo Papers

1. Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering / 油气藏工程
Oil and Gas Reservoir Exploration Technology 油气藏勘探技术
Fine Description Technology of Oil and Gas Reservoir 油气藏精细描述技术
Percolation Theory and Numerical Simulation Technology of Complex Oil and Gas Reservoirs 复杂油气藏渗流理论与数值模拟技术
Evaluation of Petroliferous Basins and Hydrocarbon Accumulation 含油气盆地评价及油气成藏
Formation Mechanism and Prediction of Deep Carbonate Reservoir 深层碳酸盐岩储层形成机理及预测
2. Oil and Gas Field Development Project / 油气田开发工程
Drilling Engineering Technology 钻井工程技术
Well Completion Engineering Technology 完井工程技术
Oil Production Engineering Technology 采油工程技术
Gas Production engineering technology 采气工程技术
Oilfield Production Operation Management 油田生产运行管理方法
Low-permeability/Tight oil and gas efficient development technology 低渗/致密油气高效开发技术
Fracture-cavity Reservoir exploration and development technology 缝洞型油藏勘探开发技术
Coalbed Methane exploration and development technology 煤层气勘探开发技术
Shale Oil and Gas exploration and development technology 页岩油气勘探开发技术
Enhanced Oil Recovery technology for heavy oil reservoirs 稠油油藏提高采收率技术
High Water-Cut Old Oilfield Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology 高含水老油田提高采收率技术
Other Unconventional Resource exploration and development technologies 其它非常规资源勘探开发技术
3. Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering / 海洋油气工程
Offshore oil and gas development technology 海上油气开发技术
Offshore oil and gas drilling technology 海上油气钻井技术
Offshore oil production equipment technology 海上采油设备技术
Offshore oil and gas field layout design technology 海上油气田布局设计技术
4. Oil and Gas Storage, Transportation and Pipeline monitoring and management technology / 油气储运及管线监测与管理技术
Mine field geophysical logging technology 矿场地球物理测井技术
Dynamic monitoring and analysis technology for complex oil and gas reservoirs 复杂油气藏动态监测与分析技术
Oil and gas storage and transportation technology 油气储运技术
Pipeline monitoring technology 管线监测技术
Pipeline management technology 管线管理技术
Fluid analysis and measurement technology 流体分析与计量技术
Corrosion Control Technology 腐蚀控制技术
5. Smart Oil and Gas Field / 智能油气田
Intelligent oil and gas field integrated management technology 智能油气田综合管理技术
Oil and gas mining intelligence and digital technology 油气开采智能与数字化技术
Oil and gas gathering and transportation intelligence and digital technology 油气集输智能与数字化技术
Factory Intelligence and Digital Technology/工厂智能与数字化技术
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Application in Oil and Gas Fields 油气田人工智能与大数据应用
6.New Energy / 新能源
Hydraulic Energy 水能
Wind Energy 风能
Geothermal Energy 地热能
Solar Energy 太阳能
Biological Energy 生物能
Hydrogen Energy 氢能
Nuclear Energy 核能
Clean Energy Technology 清洁能源技术
Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems/可再生能源技术与系统
Renewable Energy Storage Technology/可再生能源储存技术
Energy and Environment 能源与环境
Energy Efficiency 能源效率
Low Carbon Technologies 低碳技术
Waste-to-energy 能源的回收利用
Clean Production Process 清洁生产过程
Renewable Sources of Energy-energy Savings/可再生能源的能量储蓄
New Energy Development 新能源开发
Power New Energy 电力新能源

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