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WSSMA 2020 - World Symposium on Smart Materials and Applications (WSSMA 2020)

Date2020-07-17 - 2020-07-19


VenueBangkok, Thailand, Thailand Thailand

KeywordsEngineering; Technology; Materials


Topics/Call fo Papers

Currently, the entire world is struggling against the virulent pandemic COVID-19. WSSMA 2020 members takes the utmost care of our valuable authors as well as us. Multiple precaution measures have been taken by us in order to prevent spreading the virus among the public.
So we have the plan that the presentation method from Oral presentation to Remote Presentation through Video Meeting.
We are looking forward to your participation.
Smart Materials and Structures
· Magneto Caloric and Thermoelectric Materials
· Self-Healing Materials
· Photomechanical Materials
· Shape Memory Alloys
· Piezoelectric and Electroluminescent Materials
· Chemochromic and Electrochromic Materials
· Conductive Polymers
· Aerogels and Quantum Dots
· Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes
· Fullerene and Metamaterials
· Dielectric Elastomers
Materials Science and Engineering
· Design and Processing of Materials
· Crystallography
· Electronic and Photonic Materials
· Nanotechnology
· Green Technology
Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Composites
· Different Production Methods
· Materials Physics and Chemistry
· Properties of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Composites
· Applications of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Composites
· Toxicity of Graphene
Material Synthesis and Characterization
· Metals Synthesis
· Polymers Synthesis
· Ceramics and Textiles Synthesis
· Synthesis of Thin Films and Shape Memory Alloys
· Piezoelectric Materials Synthesis
Surface Science and Engineering
· TCAD and Silicon Surface Functionalization
· Coatings Production and Specialization
· Surface Coating and Modification
· Coating Evaluation Tests
· Nanoscale Surface Modification
· Biomaterials Surfaces
· Bioengineering
Optical, Magnetic and Electronic Materials
· Optoelectronic Materials
· Magnetic Materials
· Photonics Materials and Devices
· Lasers and Optical Materials
· Semiconductors and Superconductors
· Smart Sensors and Actuators
· NEMS, MEMS and Liquid Metal Devices
· Stretchable and Flexible Electronic Materials and Devices
· Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials
· Nano-Optics, Nano-Photonics and Nano-Optoelectronics
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
· Nanotechnology in Materials Science
· Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
· Carbon and Polymeric Nanomaterial
· Quantum Mechanics for Modelling of Nanomaterial
· Mechanics of Nano Materials
· Software for Modelling of Nanomaterial
· Industrial Applications of Nano Materials Modelling
· Nano Computational Modelling
Piezoelectric Materials and 3-D Printing
· Synthesis and Characterization of Peizoelectrics
· Applications of Peizoelectric Devices
· 3D Printing of Smart Materials
· Research in 4D Printing of Smart Materials
· Challenges, Applications and Future of 4D Printing
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
· Bioinspired and Biomimetic Materials
· Tissue Engineering Biomaterials
· Structural and Functional Biomaterials
· Materials for Disease Diagnosis
· Materials for Pharmaceutical Products and Drug Delivery
· Materials for Medical Devices
· Smart Materials for Body Implants and Prosthesis
· Smart Biosensors and Devices
· Structural Health Monitoring
Materials in Dentistry and Healthcare
· Dental Implants and Composites
· Biomimetic and Bioactive Materials
· Smart Composites and Ceramics
· Shape Memory Alloys
· Smart Fibres and Ceramic Braces
· Self-Healing Composites
· Smart Materials in Dentistry
· Smart Materials in Healthcare
Polymer Science & Engineering
· Polymeric Materials
· Composite Polymers and Biopolymers
· Organic Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Engineering
· Polymers for Biomedical Applications
· Polymers for Textile and Packaging
· Functional Polymers and Polymer Hybrid Materials
· Polymers for Energy Storage & Energy Harvesting
· Polymer Catalysts and Polymer Characterization
· Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
· Polymer Electronics and Polymer Coatings
Ceramics and Textiles Industries
· Synthesis and Applications of Ceramics
· Porous Nanostructured Ceramics
· Bioceramics and Multifunctional Nanoceramics
· Bioactive and Transparent Ceramics
· Smart and Interactive Textiles
· Thermochromic and Photochromic Materials
· Micro Encapsulated Fabrics
· Thermochromic and Fluorescent Printing Dyes
· E-textiles and Wearable Technology
Materials in Aerospace and Defence
· Advanced and Composite Materials
· Aerospace Coatings
· Physical Vapour Deposition
· Ignition-Resistant Magnesium Alloys
· Sea Defense Systems against Raising Sea Levels
· Research and Challenges
Materials in Automotive and Construction Industries
· Mass Transit and Automotive
· Sensors and Machinery Devices
· SMA Actuators and Ph Sensitive Polymers
· Peizoceramic based Ultrasonic Motors
· Electrochromic Rear View Mirrors and Panaromic Roofs
· Electroluminescent Chromogenic Surfaces
· Thermoelectric Multifunctional Car Seat
· Carbon Fibres and Polymers
· Smart Concrete
· Antimicrobial and Self-Healing Coatings
· Smart Nanomaterials in Construction
Sustainable Energy and Development
· Semiconductors and Super Capacitors
· Peizoelectrics
· Photovoltaic Materials
· Hydrogen Storage Materials
· Fuel Cells and Smart Grid
· Solar Cell Materials and Devices
· Advanced Battery Technologies
· Sustainability of Materials
Architecture Materials and Wearable Technology
· Wearable Electronics
· Kevlar, NanoGrain and Lifeshirt
· Micro Encapsulated Fabrics
· Electrochromic Glass
· Thermochromic Materials
· Shape-Shifting Smart Materials
· Power Generating Smart Materials
· Self-Maintenance Smart Materials
· Smart Materials Providing High Level of Insulation

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